House Hunters

We found out back in the first week of April that our newest place to officially call home was going to be New Mexico.

Neither of us had ever stepped foot in the state before let alone knew much about the city of Albuquerque, but you couldn’t find a pair more excited for the change life is about the bring our way.
I have spent much of my free time on the computer and phone searching for and screening  potential housing while Brian is away. There is only so much one can do though as a keyboard warrior and for the long, Memorial Day weekend we hopped a few flights to the Duke City to check things out for ourselves.

We were smitten with a place online and just as in love with it in person so it made short work of checking out the other potential places pretty easy. With our spare time we took the rental car out for a spin to circle the Sandia Mountains.
Discovering Sandia Cave along the way. (Which we clearly weren’t prepared for, so all the further we went in is shown)
And even a lost soul from Alaska who just so happened to be in town at the same time we were!
While it’s true, you couldn’t find a place more opposite than Alaska, we are both really excited for the change of life. Especially ALL THAT SUNSHINE!IMG_E2010IMG_E2014

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