My First Sushi

Perhaps one of my proudest accomplishments during my travels was getting each of my nieces and nephews to open their minds (and mouths) and give sushi a try. I was able to video my nephews reactions to their first attempts at one of my addictions (yes, I also introduced them to my other addition – macaroons – but with greater success).

Gettysburg Gettaway

My momma had some days off she’d been planning to use on another trip that had been cancelled. Since I was available she asked if I would like to take a trip with her instead. Not a fan of long drives, but wanting to visit her cousins, she asked me to escort her a few hours east to some towns near Gettysburg, PA for the long weekend. We both got to spend time hanging out with family on Thursday.

Brian also had the weekend free so on FridayI dropped down to DC and picked him up after work. I had brought Kratos with me for the weekend so that he and Brian could see each other for the first time since he left for school. It was after midnight when we got back to my cousin’s house for the big reunion, so there isn’t a video to share (it’s hard to capture an all black dog after midnight. Especially one who’s practically vibrating from the excitement of seeing his papa)
Saturday morning, after brunch with my mom at one of my favorite local shops, the three of us headed to Gettysburg for a self guided tour of the battlefield.
Saturday night Brian & I took off for a little date night @ Hershey Stadium to see Imagine Dragons. It was an epic show. Grace VanderWaal was their opening act too!
Before mom & I dropped Brian off on Sunday he had a little surprise in store for me too. Looks like it won’t take me [what feels like] 12 years to edit photos anymore!

Living Treasure’s Animal Park

There is a small animal park near my parents house I had visited once in high school. I distinctly remember it being tucked away in the middle of nowhere Pennsylvania as well as a place to get up close to some exotic animals. Both points still hold true today,  although some enclosures of the menagerie (like the lions and bears) seems far more depressing than I remember it being way back when.Living Treasures Animal Park - 1Living Treasures Animal Park - 5Living Treasures Animal Park - 6Living Treasures Animal Park - 7Living Treasures Animal Park - 8Living Treasures Animal Park - 9Living Treasures Animal Park - 10Living Treasures Animal Park - 11Living Treasures Animal Park - 12Living Treasures Animal Park - 13Living Treasures Animal Park - 14

Bowman the Beautiful

Dogs are to me as horses are to my old roommate Debbie. For as long as I’ve known her I’ve known her love of horses as well as her dream to once again own one someday. Since parting ways & moving to Florida, Debbie has made that dream come true for herself. I had the chance this past week to stop in and meet not only her wonderful fiancé, Phil, but her beautiful horse, Bowman. Cool Tower At DebbiesDebbie McDebberton - 6Debbie McDebberton - 26Debbie McDebberton - 35Debbie McDebberton - 50Debbie McDebberton - 51Debbie McDebberton - 52Debbie McDebberton - 53Debbie McDebberton - 54Debbie McDebberton - 55Debbie McDebberton - 75Debbie McDebberton - 76Debbie McDebberton - 77Debbie McDebberton - 81Debbie McDebberton - 82Debbie McDebberton - 88Debbie McDebberton - 89Debbie McDebberton - 93Debbie McDebberton - 94Debbie McDebberton - 95Debbie McDebberton - 96Debbie McDebberton - 100Debbie McDebberton - 122Debbie McDebberton - 123Debbie McDebberton - 124

KC in the ‘Burgh

My Seester & I were given a pair of tickets to see Kenny Chesney live in concert at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh. While country music isn’t really my thing, I’ve been soaking in the music scene since I’ve been back in the lower 48. This marks my  3rd (of 4) concerts I’ve attended since arriving on the east coast in early March. It was also easily the largest concert I’ve attended (and it ultimately lead to the early departure from this venue as well), but was still a pretty good time, you know, for a country show.