3 Months Old

Three months have passed since your birth, and oh what you have accomplished in those short three months.

We’re still living with your Grandma & Grandpa Bennett while we wait for our house to be ready for us to move into it. I don’t think they mind much tho.

Your dada & I are enjoying the extra hands to help right now either. Especially while you continue to grow and pick up new skills almost daily.

You had your first Easter egg hunt!

Your dad & I celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary, so you and I took a trip up there. This was also your first (of many) venture into a national park. You slept through it, but that’s okay, now that we live 30 minutes outside of Glacier National Park, there will be many, many more trips there.

Unable to find reliable care for Rost, I tendered my resignation. After falling into and working my ass off for a career I loved, this wasn’t an easy decision for me but knowing I get to spend my days with you makes it that much easier to walk away from all I’ve worked for. This next adventure is for the both of us.

2 Months

Two months down. In that time you’ve traveled the country, twice over. You’ve said goodbye to your first home, and hello to a temporary one while we wait for your new home to be ready. I hope you love Montana as much as I do Rost.

1 Month

My dear, sweet boy. A month has already gone by and I cannot begin to describe what this month has been like. I hope that someday I will have the words to tell you all about this time, but for now, please accept this photo diary in their absence.

Hello World

No one ever mentioned it… In the whole nine months it took to create this beautiful little human, not one person said, “You’re about to meet someone entirely new, and it’s not going to be your baby, it’s going to be you.”

Brian & I left the hospital a few days after Rost entered the world. We were both grateful to see my parents – both retired – waiting for us in our kitchen when we walked in from the garage. My mom is a retired pediatric nurse, so her presence was greatly appreciated because no amount of hours preparing for Rost’s arrival would come close to what we needed to get through our first week as a family of 3. We’ve survived week one thanks to the assistance of those who have traveled this path before us, so without further ado, please allow me to overflow your eyes with pictures of Rost from his first week on planet earth.


I’d like to introduce you to the newest member of my family. Player 3 entered the world via c-section at 4:22 pm after 17 hours of labor and 2 1/2 hours of active pushing.

10 lbs 5.6 oz. 21 1/4 inches long

Mom, dad, and babe are all happy and healthy after preliminary checks.

Welcome, Rost Wilder Bennett. I could not be happier to be your momma.


About a month ago, Beerus began suddenly limping one evening.

A trip to the emergency vet yielded no results, but his follow-up trip to ABQ Cat Clinic revealed avascular necrosis of his left hip. Beerus has suffered no trauma and isn’t a chronic alcoholic (that I’m aware of), so we’re no sure what caused the bone to die.

Fast forward to a few days ago where Beerus underwent FHO surgery on that left hip, where his surgeon removed the entire ball joint of his left hip.

Over the next few weeks to months, Beerus will develop a false joint entirely our of scar tissue and muscle. When he’s fully healed, he will have full motion back in his left leg without the crippling pain.

For the next few weeks, Beerus is quarantined in the master closet, having to endure the full humiliation of the cone of shame.

Zoo Morning

I’ve found mornings at the zoo to be quite a pleasant way to spend a quiet morning lost in my own thoughts. Hopefully, some more exciting adventures will begin again in 2022, but for now, I’m finding little ways to enjoy my downtime.

Belly Button

Seven may be my favorite number, but it’s also the number of years my partner, Brian, & I have been married today.

What is a more romantic way to spend such a momentous day than taking a run around and getting lost in a Belly Button? The trailhead at the Arizona border sounded a whole lot less linty so we took off early in the morning, pups in tow, to try and beat the heat. We spent a better part of the day exploring the red rocks, but unfortunately got a little lost and could never find the end of the trail.

Much like our marriage, the hike had unexpected twists and turns, high and low points, encouragement and swear words, getting a little lost along the way, not quite how we anticipated it to turn out, but ultimately we did it together and are glad we did.