Veteran’s Day

My niece, Karley surprised her Uncle Brian (with whom she is thoroughly infatuated with) with this drawing for Veteran’s Day. We, even my seester, had no idea she was drawing such a thing, and all our hearts were immediately melted into puddle from adorableness. Thanks for remembering your Uncle Brian on Veteran’s Day!
Vetereans Day 1Veterans Day Karley

Gold Mint Trail

At the base of Hatcher’s Pass, just at the bend in the road that takes you up, up, up the winding trail to the top of the pass, is a trail head to a valley known as Gold Mint Trail. Despite having spent numerous days exploring Hatcher’s Pass, this trail has eluded me up until now – on a perfect bluebird day.Gold Mint Trail - 2Gold Mint Trail - 3Gold Mint Trail - 5Gold Mint Trail - 7Gold Mint Trail - 9Gold Mint Trail - 10Gold Mint Trail - 12Gold Mint Trail - 13

Class of 2018

Recently some friends asked me if I would take their son’s senior pictures. Since I have never taken anything close to portraits let alone the all important senior portrait I was hesitant to say yes. After talking to them, and making it known that this was outside my comfort zone, we came to an agreement and I decided to take the photos contingent on the fact that if they didn’t like them they would have plenty of time and resources to get them redone by a professional.

The following are a few snaps from my Senior Portrait Session with Tyler.

Tyler - 2Tyler - 6Tyler - 14Tyler - 16Tyler - 42Tyler - 51

Tyler - 70

First day of Kindergarten


After a successful maternity shoot with my co-worker Malissa, two friends pulled me aside and asked if I minded doing an outdoor boudoir shoot for them. Their husbands recently deployed & they wanted a fun surprise to send to them while they’re overseas.

This was another first for me. I seem to be having a lot of them lately and I’m completely okay with that. I like being pushed outside my comfort zone and look forward to more opportunities.
CK Boudoir - 43CK Milk Bath - 1CK Boudoir - 11CK Boudoir - 35

10 year Friendaversary

Ten years ago as a 21 year old who was fresh to the University of Montana I was befriended by a handsome devil of a man – he was sweet, smart, kind, and always had a witty line on hand to put a smile on my face when I didn’t have one there already.
Facebook Anniversary

Ten years later we decided to mark the momentous event by taking a weekend getaway to the Happiest Place on Earth – Disneyland.Facebook Anniversary - 1

Facebook Anniversary - 5

Brians really like First Class

Facebook Anniversary - 6

First Class all the way

Facebook Anniversary - 10Facebook Anniversary - 12Facebook Anniversary - 13Facebook Anniversary - 15Facebook Anniversary - 17
My goal in Disneyland was to eat ALL the Mickey shaped foods… fortunately/unfortunately most of them (okay, all of them) were pretty unhealthy.
Facebook Anniversary - 18Facebook Anniversary - 19Facebook Anniversary - 20Facebook Anniversary - 22Facebook Anniversary - 23Facebook Anniversary - 24Facebook Anniversary - 25Facebook Anniversary - 26Facebook Anniversary - 27Facebook Anniversary - 28Facebook Anniversary - 30Facebook Anniversary - 31Facebook Anniversary - 32Facebook Anniversary - 33Facebook Anniversary - 34Facebook Anniversary - 35Facebook Anniversary - 36Facebook Anniversary - 37Facebook Anniversary - 38Facebook Anniversary - 39Facebook Anniversary - 40Facebook Anniversary - 41Facebook Anniversary - 42Facebook Anniversary - 43Facebook Anniversary - 44Facebook Anniversary - 45Facebook Anniversary - 46Facebook Anniversary - 47Facebook Anniversary - 48Facebook Anniversary - 49Facebook Anniversary - 50Facebook Anniversary - 51

31st Anniversary of The Incident of 1986

Thirty-one. Whoa. When did you sneak up in here? Pleased to meet you — I do believe we’re going to get along just fine…

With an impending trip to California looming in the not so distant future I decided to keep my birthday adventure this year a little more low key than usual. Low key is not to be confused with less an adventure, just a more mellow one. Thanks to my friends who showed up to help me mark the occasion and eat a (literal) boat load of sushi.