Maryland Zoo

Where do I even start this story? I guess at the beginning…

I met Steve the fall of 2005 at Delaware Valley College in Pennsylvania. Despite the fact that we were in the same (very specialized) degree program and have lots (and lots) in common, we were more mutual acquaintances than friends at the time. We had many mutual friends and of course, like most people our age, were Facebook friends by association.

Fast forward to several years later when, through the lovely channel of social media, we reconnected through our love of photography.

You see, Steve is not only a keeper at the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore, MD, but he is an astounding wildlife photographer who has been taking leaps and bounds in his practice. When he invited me to a behind the scenes tour of his home zoo, I not only jumped at the chance to get up close and personal with some amazing animals, I jumped at the chance to see such a gifted photographer in action.

Below are some of my photos from the trip, but if you’d like to see more of Steve’s work (and I highly recommend you see his work) you can give him a follow on Instagram @Steve_Dombroskie or here @
Baltimore Zoo - 1Baltimore Zoo - 4Baltimore Zoo - 11Baltimore Zoo - 12Baltimore Zoo - 13Baltimore Zoo - 14Baltimore Zoo - 15Baltimore Zoo - 16Baltimore Zoo - 18Baltimore Zoo - 36Baltimore Zoo - 48Baltimore Zoo - 50Baltimore Zoo - 54Baltimore Zoo - 57Baltimore Zoo - 58Baltimore Zoo - 60Baltimore Zoo - 64Baltimore Zoo - 72Baltimore Zoo - 75Baltimore Zoo - 77Baltimore Zoo - 88Baltimore Zoo - 89Baltimore Zoo - 92

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