Merry Christmas

Another Christmas has come and gone. I had a little fun with my co-workers this year by surprising one of the Attorneys with a custom creation of themselves AND snuck in to work over Thanksgiving weekend and created a bit of a holiday wonderland for the co-workers in my building.


I hope you & yours had a wonderful 2019 holiday season & a beautiful 2020. See you next year! xoxo,

Boo at the Zoo

Brian & I have been getting our TK kits out into the community as new members of the Dewback Ridge Garrison. The local 501st group couldn’t be more welcoming and the community couldn’t be more supportive. I’m looking forward to many more troops!

Annual Camping Trip

My mother-in-law has been telling me about the annual family camping trip since before Brian & I got married. Finding myself not working and back in the lower 48, I planned a trip out to Montana to spend the 4th of July with my husbands family. It was a blitz trip in the woods before packing up the u-Haul and relocating our household goods to our future home in New Mexico; that’s for another post…Montana - 1Montana - 2Montana - 4Montana - 6Montana - 18Montana - 17Montana - 16Montana - 15Montana - 3Montana - 14Montana - 13Montana - 12Montana - 11Montana - 10Montana - 9Montana - 8Montana - 19Montana - 20Montana - 21Montana - 22Montana - 7Montana - 23Montana - 24Montana - 25Montana - 26Montana - 27Montana - 28Montana - 29Montana - 30Montana - 42Montana - 54Montana - 53Montana - 41Montana - 40Montana - 52Montana - 51Montana - 39Montana - 38Montana - 50Montana - 49Montana - 37Montana - 36Montana - 48Montana - 47Montana - 35Montana - 34Montana - 46Montana - 45Montana - 33Montana - 32Montana - 44Montana - 43Montana - 31IMG_2556

Gettysburg Gettaway

My momma had some days off she’d been planning to use on another trip that had been cancelled. Since I was available she asked if I would like to take a trip with her instead. Not a fan of long drives, but wanting to visit her cousins, she asked me to escort her a few hours east to some towns near Gettysburg, PA for the long weekend. We both got to spend time hanging out with family on Thursday.

Brian also had the weekend free so on FridayI dropped down to DC and picked him up after work. I had brought Kratos with me for the weekend so that he and Brian could see each other for the first time since he left for school. It was after midnight when we got back to my cousin’s house for the big reunion, so there isn’t a video to share (it’s hard to capture an all black dog after midnight. Especially one who’s practically vibrating from the excitement of seeing his papa)
Saturday morning, after brunch with my mom at one of my favorite local shops, the three of us headed to Gettysburg for a self guided tour of the battlefield.
Saturday night Brian & I took off for a little date night @ Hershey Stadium to see Imagine Dragons. It was an epic show. Grace VanderWaal was their opening act too!
Before mom & I dropped Brian off on Sunday he had a little surprise in store for me too. Looks like it won’t take me [what feels like] 12 years to edit photos anymore!

House Hunters

We found out back in the first week of April that our newest place to officially call home was going to be New Mexico.

Neither of us had ever stepped foot in the state before let alone knew much about the city of Albuquerque, but you couldn’t find a pair more excited for the change life is about the bring our way.
I have spent much of my free time on the computer and phone searching for and screening  potential housing while Brian is away. There is only so much one can do though as a keyboard warrior and for the long, Memorial Day weekend we hopped a few flights to the Duke City to check things out for ourselves.

We were smitten with a place online and just as in love with it in person so it made short work of checking out the other potential places pretty easy. With our spare time we took the rental car out for a spin to circle the Sandia Mountains.
Discovering Sandia Cave along the way. (Which we clearly weren’t prepared for, so all the further we went in is shown)
And even a lost soul from Alaska who just so happened to be in town at the same time we were!
While it’s true, you couldn’t find a place more opposite than Alaska, we are both really excited for the change of life. Especially ALL THAT SUNSHINE!IMG_E2010IMG_E2014

Valentine’s Baes

In another two months our bearded dragon Casti’el will be turning two and up until this morning we – along with the council of two different veterinarians – have been under the assumption that Cas was a boy. That all changed this morning when she surprised us with a clutch of nearly 40 infertile eggs. I’d like to point out that a normal sized egg clutch for a beardie is between 16-24. No wonder she’d put on so much ‘weight’ over the last few weeks despite our best effort to keep her active and slim. Thanks for keeping us on our toes little guy… ehm, lady. That’s going to take a little while to get used to.Baes-1Baes-2

Dog Sled Adventures

Knowing we were heading out of Alaska and into Montana for at least a month or so in the New Year my in-laws postponed Christmas until we got to their house. We arrived in Montana precisely three days after leaving our home in Anchorage & unable to wait any longer, my father-in-law declared that night to be Christmas. Although we were exhausted, we happily exchanged Christmas gifts with the family. My father-in-law surprised my mother-in-law and myself with a 12-mile loop through the Stillwater State Forest in the basket of a dog sled. Due to circumstances beyond our control it was nearly a month later that we cashed in our unique gift certificates, but the time spent with my mother-in-law and the dogs was completely worth the wait.