House Hunters

We found out back in the first week of April that our newest place to officially call home was going to be New Mexico.

Neither of us had ever stepped foot in the state before let alone knew much about the city of Albuquerque, but you couldn’t find a pair more excited for the change life is about the bring our way.
I have spent much of my free time on the computer and phone searching for and screening  potential housing while Brian is away. There is only so much one can do though as a keyboard warrior and for the long, Memorial Day weekend we hopped a few flights to the Duke City to check things out for ourselves.

We were smitten with a place online and just as in love with it in person so it made short work of checking out the other potential places pretty easy. With our spare time we took the rental car out for a spin to circle the Sandia Mountains.
Discovering Sandia Cave along the way. (Which we clearly weren’t prepared for, so all the further we went in is shown)
And even a lost soul from Alaska who just so happened to be in town at the same time we were!
While it’s true, you couldn’t find a place more opposite than Alaska, we are both really excited for the change of life. Especially ALL THAT SUNSHINE!IMG_E2010IMG_E2014

Ferncliff Trail

Ferncliff Trail presides in Ohiopyle State Park near where I grew up in southwestern PA. My dad shocked me one morning by letting me in on the secret that he had never hiked the short two-mile loop so we set off for a quick morning hike along it’s dirt path. Kratos and I got to stretch our legs before another long car ride and Dad got to put another check mark on his bucket list.Ferncliff Trail - 11Ferncliff Trail - 10Ferncliff Trail - 9Ferncliff Trail - 5Ferncliff Trail - 7

Opening Day

My brother invited me to Opening Day for my nephews baseball season as it was a double header. I was already in PA visiting friends so it was a short trip in to Maryland for their first double header of the season. Although it was snowing, they pulled off wins for both games! Keep up the good work guys!
Opening Day - 9Opening Day - 8Opening Day - 7Opening Day - 5Opening Day - 4Opening Day - 3Opening Day - 2Opening Day - 1


I had just enough time to do some laundry when I returned to Ohio before we packed the Jeep back up and headed south. This time both my Seester & Karley were also packed into the Jeep with me as well.

Florida - 1Florida - 4Florida - 5Processed with VSCO with g3 presetMy niece has never seen the ocean before, so our first stop was straight to the beach to get our toes in the sand and spent as much time there as the weather would allow on our short trip.
Florida - 12Florida - 15Florida - 16
During the frequent periods of rain we headed off to see the rest of the sights of the area including the Blue Angels, Fort Pensacola, & more!
Florida - 21Florida - 23Florida - 26Florida - 28Florida - 40Florida - 41Processed with VSCO with f2 presetFlorida - 45Florida - 48Florida - 50Florida - 52Florida - 54Florida - 56Florida - 59bFlorida - 68Florida - 71Florida - 72Florida - 73Florida - 74Florida - 76Florida - 77Florida - 79Florida - 80Florida - 81Florida - 82Florida - 84Florida - 88Florida - 89Florida - 90Florida - 93Florida - 98Florida - 99Florida - 100Florida - 102Florida - 103Florida - 104Florida - 105Florida - 106Florida - 107Florida - 108Florida - 110Florida - 111Florida - 113Florida - 116Florida - 117Florida - 121Flodrida - 1Florida - 11



Technically we’re spending the next few months doing our own thing, but unlike deployments of past we actually get to talk (& Facetime) on a daily basis and on visit in person every once in a while. This weekend both Brian & I had free so we met up in Washington DC for a weekend of sight seeing with my cousins who live nearby.

Brian wasn’t free from work until later so I dropped Kratos off with my dad & headed out to suburbia Virginia where I spent the better part of the weekend catching up with my cousin & her family (including new husband Craig and baby Talia, who I hadn’t had the pleasure of meeting yet since their arrival into our family – the kinds of things you miss when you live in Alaska). When he was able to meet up I skipped off to hang out with my main man, even stealing a few hours of alone time with him for a dinner and movie date.DC - 7DC - 9DC - 11DC - 12DC - 14DC - 17

Pinewood Derby

Hands down one of the best reasons for being back on the East coast for a few months is getting to hang out with my family on a regular basis and participate in their daily lives.

So when my brother told me my nephews had their first Pinewood Derby coming up I didn’t hesitate to say I’d be there. It was a lot of fun to watch them get so excited over their cars and cheer each other and their fellow troopers on.

Congrats on your wins guys! You made Aunt Holly pretty proud to be a part of the crowd that day.Pinewod Derby - 2Pinewod Derby - 3Pinewod Derby - 4Pinewod Derby - 5Pinewod Derby - 6Pinewod Derby - 7Pinewod Derby - 8Pinewod Derby - 11

Eastbound & Down

Our little family loaded up into two seperate cars we set our sights on the east coast. We took our time traveling across the country and did the trip in three days, taking time so show Brian some sights like Crazy Horse, Mount Rushmore, the Arch, & the Corn Palace. Traveling East - 1Traveling East - 2Traveling East - 4Traveling East - 7Traveling East - 9

Only a week after arriving here it was time for Brian & I to say goodbye to each other while we each complete this next leg of our journey apart from one another. See you soon babe.East Coast - 1East Coast - 2East Coast - 3East Coast - 10East Coast - 11East Coast - 13East Coast - 16East Coast - 19East Coast - 20East Coast - 21East Coast - 22East Coast - 23East Coast - 26Processed with VSCO with m5 presetProcessed with VSCO with f2 presetEast Coast - 29

Montana Memories

Load the car & write the note.
Grab your bag & grab your coat.
Tell the ones that need to know.
We are headed East.

The time has come to once again say my goodbyes to Montana. It’s always such a bittersweet moment when we part, but it’s time to step forward into the next adventure. We’ve yet again had some good times my old friend. I’m already looking forward to my next visit. Xoxo.Montana Memories - 4Montana Memories - 6Montana Memories - 8Montana Memories - 9Montana Memories - 11Montana Memories - 12Montana Memories - 14Montana Memories - 15Montana Memories - 16Montana Memories - 18Montana Memories - 19Montana Memories - 23Montana Memories - 24Montana Memories - 28Montana Memories - 29Montana Memories - 30Montana Memories - 31Processed with VSCO with fs1 presetMontana Memories - 33Montana Memories - 38Montana Memories - 39Montana Memories - 40Montana Memories - 41Montana Memories - 43Montana Memories - 45Montana Memories - 49Montana Memories - 50Montana Memories - 51

Woodland Park

There is a park in my husband’s hometown that is FULL of ducks. It’s the stuff nightmares are made of – if you’re afraid of ducks that is. If you don’t believe me, just watch this:


Brian had taken me to this park once before.  We had a surplus of buns left over from the Super Bowl party we were at and wanted rid of the carbs so we set off for Woodland Park and the gaggle of geese and flock ducks.
Woodland Park Ducks - 2Woodland Park Ducks - 4Woodland Park Ducks - 6Woodland Park Ducks - 9Woodland Park Ducks - 10Woodland Park Ducks - 19Woodland Park Ducks - 20Woodland Park Ducks - 22Woodland Park Ducks - 24Woodland Park Ducks - 25