Pinewood Derby

Hands down one of the best reasons for being back on the East coast for a few months is getting to hang out with my family on a regular basis and participate in their daily lives.

So when my brother told me my nephews had their first Pinewood Derby coming up I didn’t hesitate to say I’d be there. It was a lot of fun to watch them get so excited over their cars and cheer each other and their fellow troopers on.

Congrats on your wins guys! You made Aunt Holly pretty proud to be a part of the crowd that day.Pinewod Derby - 2Pinewod Derby - 3Pinewod Derby - 4Pinewod Derby - 5Pinewod Derby - 6Pinewod Derby - 7Pinewod Derby - 8Pinewod Derby - 11

One thought on “Pinewood Derby

  1. Donna Kauper says:

    How cool! What a fun event you got to share in. They should be proud of those trophies. Congrats! Enjoy your visit.
    Keep us posted on your next home base. You never know; we might run into you again when out geocaching. Donna from Wisconsin

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