Happy Halloween [Trash Panda edition]

This is probably the last chance I get to really dress Rost up for Halloween the way I choose. I love and have always wanted a fat little raccoon so chose now to make that dream happen!

Brian’s mom & grandma are both talented seamstresses and custom-made Rost’s costume from my dream idea. Unsure exactly how he’d do, Brian & I took Rost to Columbia Falls on Saturday night to walk a few blocks up and down Trick or Treat Street on Nucleus Avenue. Rost absolutely loved it and had trick-or-treating down within a few candy bars in his bucket.

On Halloween, Rost dressed up multiple times to see both Grandma & Grandpa at their places of work, a special dress-up storytime at the library, visit all the relatives here on our property, and of course, trick or trick-or-treating for a few blocks in town. Overall Rost made out like a true bandit – fitting for his character.

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