Home Improvement

Year two of our home improvement projects is officially wrapped up. So far we’ve painted the house, garage, shed, and propane tank – which took ALL of two summers to fully complete. We fenced in roughly .5 acres, trimmed numerous bushes and trees, removed two dead trees and five stumps, installed two sets of steps, poured and cured concrete for two patios and one sidewalk, completely renovated a lean-to on the garage, installed two spotlights, installed gutters, ripped out and replaced multiple spots of rotted wood, added a trashcan storage area and compost bin, and laid asphalt millings to begin outlining the driveway and additional parking area. That covers most but not all of the projects. With me not working we’re moving at a snail’s pace, aka the speed of cash on hand to complete projects. We’ve got a list of additional work we’d like to complete on the property including eventually installing a firepit for hosting and a hot tub to bring some relief to our bodies.

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