Wow, I’m turning one! It’s like a big, colorful dream come true. For the longest time, I’ve been fascinated by the world around me. Turning one is like embarking on a grand adventure. One moment, I was a tiny bundle in my parents’ arms, and the next, I was standing on wobbly legs, exploring this big, exciting world. The first year of my life has been a whirlwind of new experiences and endless discoveries. I’ve learned to smile, laugh, and even take those tentative first steps. And now, here comes this day filled with so much joy and laughter. All these grown-up faces are gathered around, and they’re all making a fuss over me. I may not completely understand why, but I can feel their love and excitement. Maybe it’s because I’m taking my first steps, or maybe it’s because of this sugary cake they’ve put in front of me. Either way, turning one feels like a fantastic adventure, and I can’t wait to see what this new year will bring. This sure feels like a fantastic start to a lifelong journey. Thanks for coming along with me on this adventure so far. Xoxo, Rost.

My dear, sweet, baby boy, I have written you a letter & tucked it into your memory box to read at a future date. Your dada & I are so proud of you & all that you have accomplished over the last year. Tonight we shot off fireworks in your honor – just like on the day you were born – and we will continue this tradition until the end of time. Happy First Birthday! xoxo, Mama.

First Halloween

Appa is an adorable flying labrador retriever buffalo creature from the Avatar series. Brian once watched the entire series so I would catch bits of it from time to time. While I could not tell you much about the series I could tell you that Appa is adorable. What better adorable real-life creature to play an adorable fictitious one than Rost?

While all three of our attempts to trunk or treat failed this year the Halloween season was an overall success. Rost is already looking forward to next year’s festivities and so am I.

First Mother’s Day

On her inaugural Mother’s Day, emotions swelled within her, an intricate tapestry woven from the threads of joy, wonder, and a profound sense of responsibility. The sun’s warm embrace seemed to mirror the newfound warmth in her heart as she cradled her precious child, realizing that this day celebrated not just the birth of her baby, but also her own rebirth as a mother. Amidst the tender lullabies and tiny, grasping fingers, she embraced the journey of nurturing and love, forever cherishing this poignant milestone that marked the beginning of her lifelong voyage in motherhood.

Jesse & Jaiden

Brian’s brother tied the knot to his longtime love Jaiden this past week in a beautiful ceremony close to their home in Bismark, ND.

Brian & I flew into Montana to spend a few much-needed vacation days with his parents before making the drive to Bismark.

We spent a few fun days exploring Jesse’s new-ish stomping grounds & getting to know Jaiden’s family. Another beautiful wedding in the books.

Belly Button

Seven may be my favorite number, but it’s also the number of years my partner, Brian, & I have been married today.

What is a more romantic way to spend such a momentous day than taking a run around and getting lost in a Belly Button? The trailhead at the Arizona border sounded a whole lot less linty so we took off early in the morning, pups in tow, to try and beat the heat. We spent a better part of the day exploring the red rocks, but unfortunately got a little lost and could never find the end of the trail.

Much like our marriage, the hike had unexpected twists and turns, high and low points, encouragement and swear words, getting a little lost along the way, not quite how we anticipated it to turn out, but ultimately we did it together and are glad we did.

Goodbye 2020

2020 was an interesting year, to say the least. While it wasn’t the worst year in the history of ever it most certainly won’t rank as one of the top ten. Here’s a little collage of the end of the year. Goodbye, 2020. I’m really looking to you for some new adventures 2021.

Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

Bosque Del Apache National Wildlife Refuge

Established in 1939 to provide a critical layover for migrating waterfowl, the Bosque Del Apache National Wildlife Refuge is just a hop, skip, and jump south of Albuquerque. Over the winter this outdoor haven is known as home to TENS of thousands of ducks, geese, and cranes. I’d heard whispers of this magical place but had yet to explore it myself until tonight. Hoping the holidays would keep a bit of the crowd at bay, I took off for a quick road trip tonight. The place did not disappoint. I cannot wait for my dad’s next trip to NM to show him this bird watcher’s dream come true.