Belly Button

Seven may be my favorite number, but it’s also the number of years my partner, Brian, & I have been married today.

What is a more romantic way to spend such a momentous day than taking a run around and getting lost in a Belly Button? The trailhead at the Arizona border sounded a whole lot less linty so we took off early in the morning, pups in tow, to try and beat the heat. We spent a better part of the day exploring the red rocks, but unfortunately got a little lost and could never find the end of the trail.

Much like our marriage, the hike had unexpected twists and turns, high and low points, encouragement and swear words, getting a little lost along the way, not quite how we anticipated it to turn out, but ultimately we did it together and are glad we did.

4 thoughts on “Belly Button

  1. Heather Fooks says:

    Very late, but happy anniversary you two! Cheers to another, and another, and another, and another, and another, and another, and another…😍

    • theycallmeholly says:

      Thanks so much, Heather! I’m ridiculously far behind on posting, so I told myself I wasn’t allowed to get out and play w/ my new camera until I’ve gotten myself caught up. At least most of the way.

  2. Donna Kauper says:

    Oh, my. Life is an adventure. Congratulations on your anniversary. We have enjoyed 52 anniversaries and more adventures ahead.

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