Foggy Hike

Bad weather always looks worse through a window so despite the terrible forecast Rost & I set out for Logan Pass. I figured it might be one of our last days to drive the Going to the Sun Road to the pass before the road closes for the season. We were actually in search of Mountain Goats (I’ve been dying to get an up-close shot of one since I got my telephoto lens) but they were at a completely unreachable cliff a few miles away. Either way, it was a beautiful day spent with my head in the clouds.

Rugg Family Tour Guide

A family friend from Pennsylvania reached out to me a few months ago about a special trip he and his sister were planning on taking with their 80-something-year-old dad. Their trip included two nights in lovely Kalispell, Montana – which allowed me to play tour guide for a day. We started our day by driving up to Polebridge Mercantile for some huckleberry bear claws, then headed over Logan Pass, down to St. Mary River for lunch & fishing, followed by a trek in & out of Many Glacier, then headed back to Kalispell via Highway 2. For the record, I have stopped at Goat Lock nearly every time I have driven past it. I’d likely guess I’ve stopped over 100x and until TODAY had not once seen so much as a hint of a goat other than the sign at the trailhead stating they were there. I can now confirm there are actual goats at the Goat Lick rest area. Yay!

Rocky Point

Rocky Point is a short little out-and-back hike along the water’s edge of Lake McDonald. My friend Breanna (and her son) took Rost & me out for a quick trek along the trail one night. Rost is a little rockstar on any hiking trail, especially when there are rocks to throw into the water somewhere along the way. I hope this bodes well for me as a future hiking buddy.

Tally Lake

The air was filled with the sweet scent of pine as we arrived at the campsite, surrounded by towering trees and a babbling stream nearby. Rost had spent the first two nights camping with Grandma & Grandpa while I took my first vacay from momming in well over a year (48 bittersweet hours – a ridiculous amount of stuff was accomplished).

Brian & I joined in on the fun Friday night to enjoy a couple of days relaxing at the lake.

This unforgettable experience marked the beginning of countless adventures for my little explorer, creating cherished memories to last a lifetime.

Hungry Horse Resevoir

Getting my Nikon out is a treat these days. Life as a mom has me prioritizing things differently – and that’s okay. So when a fellow mom-friend wanted to take a drive up to the Spotted Bear Ranger Station, without babes in tow, I knew it was going to be a chance to knock the dust off my camera and spend the day behind the lens. I hope you enjoy my captures for the day which included a lot of flowers and one random sandhill crane.

Until we meet again my dear, sweet Nikon. Xoxo.

Rocket Man

Here we go
Come with me
There’s a world out there that we should see
Take my hand
Close your eyes
With you right here, I’m a rocketeer

Where we go, we don’t need roads
And where we stop? Nobody knows
To the stars if you really want it
Got, got a jetpack with your name on it


My friend Bre and I took a third trip to bike the Going to the Sun Road. Another attempt that had me turned around before reaching the end point yet again. My first trip out was rained out (something I now need to take into account when adventuring with Rost), the second trip a grizzly bear decided the road was (rightfully) his (or hers). On this trip, a flat tire on Bre’s bike meant she had to run roughly 3 miles next to her bike back to the trailhead while I took our boys back in my double bike trailer – which I luckily decided to use on this trip instead of the single bikes seat Rost prefers.