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For as long as I have memories I have suffered from motion sickness. Please don’t ever stick me in the back seat of your car unless you’d like it plastered with my most recent fare, and there have been occasions where particular winding roads in Idaho have meant even the passenger seat wasn’t safe from my sensitivities in a moving automobile. No vehicle is safe from exclusions either – whether it be plane, boat or train – they’ve all proven to make me queasy.
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Despite this fault in my genetic make-up, I’m usually not one to skip out on an adventure when it’s presented to me and when my friend Ray asked me to spend a day on his boat with him, I wasn’t about to pass up what was probably my last opportunity to adventure out into Resurrection Bay. Our goal was to spend the majority of the afternoon scrambling up a mountainside on an island at the mouth of the bay in an attempt at a geocache (GC1ED58) that hasn’t been located since 2013. However, true to Alaska in August an impending storm prevented us from reaching our true goal and we set off for a secondary adventure that is something both of us are very happy to do – take pictures!

Instead of bushwhacking up a steep and rugged island, drenched in blood sweat and tears we spent the afternoon standing on the bow of a rocking boat observing various wildlife feeding and getting drenched by frigid rainfall. That much time on a boat left me sickly for hours after I left the boat for solid ground but it was all worth it tho and I hope you also see why:I'mOnABoat - 12I'mOnABoat - 3I'mOnABoat - 4FlippedI'mOnABoat - 6I'mOnABoat - 5I'mOnABoat - 8I'mOnABoat - 9I'mOnABoat - 14I'mOnABoat - 15I'mOnABoat - 16I'mOnABoat - 17I'mOnABoat - 18I'mOnABoat - 21I'mOnABoat - 23I'mOnABoat - 25I'mOnABoat - 30I'mOnABoat - 33I'mOnABoat - 34I'mOnABoat - 35I'mOnABoat - 37I'mOnABoat - 38I'mOnABoat - 39I'mOnABoat - 40I'mOnABoat - 41I'mOnABoat - 42I'mOnABoat - 44I'mOnABoat - 45I'mOnABoat - 47I'mOnABoat - 53I'mOnABoat - 54I'mOnABoat - 55I'mOnABoat - 59I'mOnABoat - 61I'mOnABoat - 62I'mOnABoat - 64I'mOnABoat - 65I'mOnABoat - 66I'mOnABoat - 67I'mOnABoat - 68I'mOnABoat - 69I'mOnABoat - 70I'mOnABoat - 73I'mOnABoat - 74I'mOnABoat - 75I'mOnABoat - 76I'mOnABoat - 78I'mOnABoat - 79I'mOnABoat - 80I'mOnABoat - 2

Thanks for the adventures Ray. This might be our last in your boat for a while, but even as we ready to leave Alaska for good, I know this isn’t our last adventure!
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  1. Donna Kauper says:

    My husband is a birder and will love seeing your photos. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing. We are watching for snowy owls but no luck yet with these winter visitors. Donna

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