Milk Bath

I’ve been trying to step outside my comfort zone a bit more with my photography because, well simply because I love stepping outside of my comfort zone. In life it’s outside those finely drawn lines of comfortable that I truly feel like I’m living. Most of the photos I set out to take are the result of an adventure of sorts.

These photos however, are WAY outside the lines of my comfort. They’re artsy. Something I am not. They make me feel vulnerable, If it weren’t for a particular TED Talk by Bene Brown there’s a good chance these would stay locked in a file on the abyss of my Surface Pro.

I hope you can appreciate them. I’m even open to some constructive criticism, although, go easy on me, this was my first venture into something so exposed (and I’m not just talking about the skin)
Milk Bath - 1Milk Bath - 4Milk Bath - 5

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