Friday Night Lights

The skies have been clear lately and the Green Lady dancing regularly. I found myself free on a beautiful Friday night with nothing to do the next day so I packed up the Renegade & headed for the mountains.

Kratos is easily Brian’s dog. He was able to take a week of leave during Kratos’ first week with us and the two of them have become quite the pair. Still needing to bond more with the little guy, I added him to my packing list and packed him into the back of the Jeep as well.  He quickly nestled into my Ouray bag as I set my pace on the Glenn Highway. When we reached the top of Hatcher Pass, we were greeted with several inches of snow.
Despite staying out all night, the lights never made a strong enough appearance to photograph well. No matter, we had plenty of fun wrestling in the snow and snuggling up under the covers when we got too cold.

My little Muppet is growing quickly and although we don’t have the relationship I first envisioned for us he’s teaching me that, then life knocks you down, to just roll over and look at the stars.

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