Swan Lake

The ground was disgusting and soggy but the rain continued to fall. Thankfully, Kratos is still limited to fairly short hikes so our time out in the typical fall in Alaska elements was limited to only a couple hours.swanlake-1swanlake-5swanlake-6swanlake-13swanlake-17swanlake-23swanlake-21

My pawtner in crime was snoring like a buzzsaw as soon as the Jeep started moving back down the highway towards home. The sun was just reaching the golden hour as we drove alongside Potter’s Marsh. A duo of swans – who are on their migratory route back to the lower 48 – feeding in the water caught my attention. I swerved into the first available pull-out and grabbed the Nikon from my pack.
swanlake-25swanlake-27swanlake-28After spending some time at the shores of their current residence I bid them farewell and was on my way back to my own abode. This was probably my last chance to visit with these majestic creatures this season, as the temperatures are quickly dropping in soon the snow will be falling. I look forward to seeing you in warmer temperatures.

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