Field of Dreams

The last two nights of aurora forecasts were at Kp of 6 – which by Kp-index standards is a high probability of seeing a show by the green lady. The skies were crystal clear and although the moon was nearly full, the conditions were otherwise pristine. Armed with my Nikon I headed out both Friday and Saturday nights in search of the lights.

On Friday, my friend Cally & I were out til a little after 3 am before calling it a night. I went to bed with only one shot on my camera.MoonShine-2.jpgAfter a quick nap Saturday afternoon I was back in the Jeep Saturday night on the hunt for the aurora. There was a faint glimmer of hope as my friend Ray & I stepped out of the car near the top of Hatcher Pass.

Once again, not much was happening in way of auroras so we decided to play around with our cameras a bit. Looking forward to making it back up here for some more night shooting again soon.

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