Glacier ISR

Water is such a big part of my childhood. The property I grew up on sits adjacent to one of three rivers running through our small town (the name Confluence is literal, a confluence of three rivers – Laurel Hill Creek, Casslemen, and Youghiogheny). A small creek runs through the family property as well. Not forgetting to mention the largest body of water, the Youghiogheny River Lake, which borders the southwest end of town. I grew up not only swimming in these waters but jumping from the bridges that crossed them, water skiing and tubing on the glassy surface of the lake, fishing the shores of, and even white water rafting their rapids.

From the first time I heard about Infant Swim Rescue (ISR), I knew it was something I wanted to do with my own children if I ever had them.

So when Rost was old enough we immediately enrolled him with our local ISR instructor. Rost takes after me in the fact that he does not enjoy bathing in cold water so he never fully loved the cool temperatures of the pool but he still gained a ton of valuable knowledge from the course. A first step in many towards fostering his love and respect for water as well.

If you’re in the Flathead Valley and looking for ISR swim lessons for your own kiddo be sure to check out Glacier ISR.

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