15 Months Old

Month by month Rost advances his life skills through wacky and wild adventures, most of which are self-made. In the steps of his cousin, Benjamin, Rost has taken a liking to dance. You can stop him in his tracks nearly every time if you play “10:35” by Tiesto. And as spring trudges along in Montana, our mantra has become there is no such thing as bad weather, just poor planning.

One thought on “15 Months Old

  1. Donna P Kauper says:

    So cute. Love the jeep photo; is the dog pulling it? Our son and grandson have “adult” jeeps and enjoy going off-roading. Love the mountains in the background; what part of Montana are you? Wisconsin is a bloom with lilacs, trilliums, and may apples (umbrellas). Good to hear from you.

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