About a month ago, Beerus began suddenly limping one evening.

A trip to the emergency vet yielded no results, but his follow-up trip to ABQ Cat Clinic revealed avascular necrosis of his left hip. Beerus has suffered no trauma and isn’t a chronic alcoholic (that I’m aware of), so we’re no sure what caused the bone to die.

Fast forward to a few days ago where Beerus underwent FHO surgery on that left hip, where his surgeon removed the entire ball joint of his left hip.

Over the next few weeks to months, Beerus will develop a false joint entirely our of scar tissue and muscle. When he’s fully healed, he will have full motion back in his left leg without the crippling pain.

For the next few weeks, Beerus is quarantined in the master closet, having to endure the full humiliation of the cone of shame.

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