4 Months Old

What a change this fourth month of life has brought in Rost. Scheduled tummy time is on its way out as Rost has all but mastered the task.

We finally finished work on the little house, which prompted a week of moving Aunt Joy & Uncle Joe out of their old (our new) home and into the little house. Uncle Joe was excited to get a new room, and Aunt Joy was happy to no longer care for “such a large house.” As soon as their move was complete, I got a few days to clean our new home out before we started moving our stuff, and life in. Rost got his own room, which meant we could convert his bassinet into a crib – a much-needed move as he was quickly outgrowing the bassinet.

It’s great to be in our own space, about 100 feet from Brian’s parents and another hundred from Aunt Joy, Uncle Joe, & Aunt Terri. Having so much family nearby feels great after living so far away from everyone for so long. Hopefully, my family can make trips out to our new home with the enticement of time with Rost and Glacier National Park only 30 minutes from our front door.

A quick photo dump from the month to follow. We’ve got a LOT of work to do around the property & are going to attempt as much as time and finances will allow this summer. Wish us luck! Not much else to say about them other than my kid is ridiculously cute. Thankfully he’s way more photogenic than either of his parents.


Quarantine during the Covid 19 pandemic looked as it looked for most of middle-class America – cleaning, deep cleaning, more cleaning, drinking, baking, tinkering, and many pictures of my pets as I worked from home. I’m just here to share some of the photos from time spent at home over the last few years. Xoxo.


About a month ago, Beerus began suddenly limping one evening.

A trip to the emergency vet yielded no results, but his follow-up trip to ABQ Cat Clinic revealed avascular necrosis of his left hip. Beerus has suffered no trauma and isn’t a chronic alcoholic (that I’m aware of), so we’re no sure what caused the bone to die.

Fast forward to a few days ago where Beerus underwent FHO surgery on that left hip, where his surgeon removed the entire ball joint of his left hip.

Over the next few weeks to months, Beerus will develop a false joint entirely our of scar tissue and muscle. When he’s fully healed, he will have full motion back in his left leg without the crippling pain.

For the next few weeks, Beerus is quarantined in the master closet, having to endure the full humiliation of the cone of shame.


Not sure how time’s flown by so quickly, but today we’re celebrating Yago & Beerus’ first Gotcha Day. We had only been looking for a new cat. While Brian was at The Academy, I had been living out of a suitcase primarily at my Seesters house. Bucket really seemed to enjoy having another cat around, so we began searching for a new feline companion once we’d bought a house.

Somehow this quest for a new feline companion turned into the adoption of this giant lug:

And this mouser on the exact same day (from different shelters).

It’s been an interesting year in a new home with the addition of these big personalities, but I couldn’t be happier about our growing family. Kratos is still not entirely sure about this new living situation tho. He thought surely Yago would have gone home by now.