Kratos the Giant

This summer has been an interesting one for sure. Without my constant shadow following me around I’ve been a bit lost and not my usual self. It was nearly two months ago – about a month after Bosco’s passing – that Brian came to the conclusion that ‘Holly’s aren’t meant to not have dogs in their lives.’ So the search began and a tiny little black Muppet looking puppy melted our hearts…
img_6317On my way to the airport to pick up a special package, I stopped by the airport Travel Bug Hotel to drop off Bosco’s collar, which is now a trackable and movable game piece for geocaching. I made sure to get there early so I could take my time to process what I was about to do. I sat alone in the small patch of woods with tears flowing out my eyes as I dropped my long time companions collar into the green ammo can. No attempt was made to stop the salty stream that was flowing down my cheeks. When my nerves had finally calmed I closed the lid and returned to the Jeep. My next destination was drastically going to change our lives, but we were ready.
img_6329I arrived before the plane had even landed so I remained in the jeep and picked up a book I was reading. A while later the white shuttle van pulled up next to me and I jumped out to meet him. Inside the van in a tiny gray crate was the little Muppet from California.
img_6332After a quick potty break in some nearby grass, we headed for home to start to get to know each other.
img_6451img_6450Brian had won an overnight fishing trip for combat veterans down on the Russian River so he missed Kray’s first night at home, but was eager to meet the little fluff as soon as he was home.
Time for a new adventure to start…

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