Montana Creek Falls

Took off down the ‘trail’ earlier today for this spectacular gem. I use the term trail loosely as it was nearly 14 miles of bushwhacking through dense forest, fighting through loads of devil’s club, and multiple freezing cold water crossings on an overgrown and often nonexistent path.


Montana Creek Falls


How exactly does one hug a porcupine?


Those teeth!


The moment when you finally see the porcupine mom has been shooting for the last 20 minutes.


Foreground: Bosco in all his glory. Background: Denali in all hers.


What bushwhacking in Alaska looks like. It wouldn’t be so bad if Devil’s club wasn’t a real thing.


The King.


Montana Creek Falls


Follow the path your heart leads you on… or the cute bums in front of you… follow those too.

Although my human companions for the day may not agree with me, it was worth it all in the end, and, depending on how much time we have left here in Alaska, I might find myself at the base of this beauty for an overnighter in the future because this is what hiking in the Last Frontier is all about.

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