29th Anniversary of The Incident of 1986

Twenty nine years have passed since that first morning. I always imagine that it wasn’t as terrible of a place as some say; dark, warm, comfortable. But like many places since then, I had outgrown my own home and it was time to move on…
This year, to celebrate, I successfully pulled off another Bucket list item to cross off the list. Standing in a dank, dark and dirty bar in downtown Anchorage, I took looked my fear in the eyes and grabbed it by the horns. Not to sound too much like a basic white girl but I literally took it by the horns.

After a few shots of liquid courage (whiskey) and an intense battle (mere seconds) I was thrown off.
As my body slammed to the floor I couldn’t help but smile. Not just because of the alcohol that flowed through my veins, but because I was graced with another year on earth. Another amazing year full of wild adventures, peaks bagged, limits tested, miles traveled, friends acquired, lessons learned, and memories made. Best of all, in another few days I’d be traveling out of North America for the first time ever to be reunited with my husband in Northeast Asia.
With any luck I’ll have a few more interesting stories to tell next year. So as I head into another decade the stakes are getting higher and the celebration needs to be planned accordingly…
Until then, here’s to another beautiful year. *cheers*

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