Bucket’s First Hike

Bucket might be a cat, but she was born on the street and raised in our home by a 100 lb dog (who coincidentally might be more cat than she is) and the ‘torture’ of Brian. Despite some of her cat tendencies, she is just as outgoing as Bosco. When we head outside to do anything, she can often be found trying to sneak out in some way as well. 

I don’t think anyone ever told her she’s a cat.

Our previous house had a very secure privacy fence, so from the time she was little we’d let her out into the yard with us. However our new place has no such fence and Bucket has been stuck strictly inside since moving. We live in a city that would not be kind to a kitty & therefore do not want to release her into the urban jungle, despite her pleas. 
So I came up with the solution of a cat harness and a 50 ft check cord (an insanely durable yet crazy light rope used in bird dog training). Bucket has been happily enjoying our yard for some time now. That is until she figured out how to wiggle out of the darn thing. Once she figured that out, as soon as we put her in the harness, she would wiggle free and then let us chase her around the yard a bit before she’d give in and let us capture her. 

A new solution needed to be found. After some research the Kitty Holster found its way into our lives. After some testing, I felt confident enough in this new product to finally get Bucket out on a hiking trail with Bosco & I. 

So while my friend Karina was in visiting we set out one evening down a short hiking trail with a spectacular ending, Thunderbird Falls. 

I think Bosco & I have found a new hiking partner while Brian is away. At least for some of the shorter, less technical hikes. 

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