Flattop Mountain

It feels like it’s been raining since I arrived in Anchorage – which was good my job hunting as I managed to land a job in less than a week – but no so great for hiking and exploring the surrounding beauty. 
So when the rain clouds lifted this afternoon, Brian and I took the chance to hike Flattop Mountain. It is apparently the most hiked trail in the state and even as we were sitting at the summit at 10:30 at night, we were surrounded by dozens of people.

Although a steep incline with some scrambling near the top, the short and sweet hike followed by spectacular views make it more than worth the trek. We were thankful to have done this highly recommended hike. And on such a spectacular day! We were lucky enough to catch a peak at Mount McKinley on the horizon. Sadly my little iPhone camera did not quite capture the beauty of this place. I need to remember to get my little point & shoot out more.

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