Hunting for a Christmas tree last year was a winter wonderland filled with laughing girls, tail wagging pups and an overdose of Christmas magic. We searched for hours in the perfectly cold snow for the perfect tree.
 This year, as Debbie, myself and our friend Tylor set off down highways 93 into the Lolo National Forest, we were greeted by a much different scene. For the better part of our drive both sides of the highway remain charred and empty from the roaring forest fire that passed through the area during the fire season earlier this year. As we passed through the blackened remains of a forest we were hopeful for what was on the other side. However, even as we left the burn area and began to climb in elevation there was little snow to be found. We turned onto a forest service road but were almost immediately greeted by a locked gate. So we parked our trucks (I use the term truck very loosely here w/ Mi Baja) and took off walking through the patchy snow. Not even 100 yards in we stumbled upon a perfect tree. Determined to spend more than 10 minutes out in the woods, we left our freshly cut tree on the side of the trail and continues down the path. Not more than a quarter of a mile further we stumbled upon a curious finding of an abandoned car and a wide variety of assorted bike parts. 
Bored in the woods, we then decided to make something out of the multitude of frames and rims.
We then started back down the trail when Tylor noted how perfect the snow was for making a snowman. Then I mentioned how funny it would be to build a snowman on top of the abandoned car next to the newly formed bike sculpture. After a brief exchange of glances we turned around and began building Old Greg the Snowman – on top of the car.
We did eventually get a bit of a hike in. Even free hiking off the trail back to the car to add to our adventure. Thanks for making me feel like I’m back home in the Appalachian Mountains during the holidays Montana. 
Old Greg the Snowman wants to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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