Bar Weir

Bored with the usual night scene in Missoula my friends and I set off for an exclusive club the watch the sun set to celebrate winter solstice.
We were more than elated to find Bar Weir completely void of all other human beings, including the usually present nekked hippies. We quickly shed our hiking gear (but not our bathing suits!) and jumped into the hot water of Weir hot springs. 
Lydia and myself, growing restless of sitting, decided it would be a great idea to make snow angels on the freshly powdered island below the pool. So we set off down the rocky hillside, forded the icy water of the stream and danced through the powdery snow. Thankfully snow angels can be created quickly, but the trek back up the hillside is much more difficult when your body is trembling from the cold.

Finally it was off to Club Bed for this girl starring DJ Pillow & MC Blankey

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Wish I was there to do the snow angel thing. I would have never made the drive back to Missoula! Too relaxed and asleep.

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