Lolo Trail from Howard Creek

     I was fortunate enough to be out of work at 4:30 this afternoon. That left me with approximately three hours of good sunlight as long as another storm didn’t roll in between then and nightfall.
     I raced home to change into running clothes & was back in Mi Baja in under 5 minutes. Bosco & I raced towards the Bitterroot Mountains. We picked up a section of the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail near Howard Creek and hit the trail running. Literally. Tonight was an “off” night in my training, so this 2 mile, 600 ft gain trail was perfect to do to enjoy without killing my legs.

     Our run was beautiful, and the temperature was perfect for running. I only wish someone could of enjoyed it w/ us.

2 thoughts on “Lolo Trail from Howard Creek

  1. Anonymous says:

    Howard Creek? On the Lolo trail? We camped there in 1988 when I killed my big elk! Wait. No, it was Howard CAMP, not creek. Sorry.


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