Lee Creek Trail

     To hike, or not to hike? Those were the words I posted on my Facebook this morning as I looked at the weather forecast (which was rain). Within minutes, my friend Julia was on the phone asking if I wanted to get out into the woods. She hadn’t even seen my Facebook post, but it looks like I had my answer.

     So we decided to meet near my house and car pooled into the Lolo National Forest. We hit up the Lee Creek Trail for a 2 1/2 mile jaunt in the snow. At the top of the mountain we were greeted by clear blue skies, but we could see a storm rolling in in the distance. As soon as we reached the forest service road to take us back to Mi Baja the downpour started. Thankfully we were both prepared for the rain with our rain shells.

     On our way home we stopped at Fort Fizzle. It has a funny name, how could I not stop there?

     While Bosco & I were out in the woods, this is how Skyler spent her day.

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