Kreiss Pond Engagement Trail

Kristin, Ty, Bryce, & myself got together today to go for a little hike & play some of our new favorite game, Killer Bunnies*. 

Of course a day can’t begin @ Kristin’s house w/out a big (& I mean BIG) wolfhound greeting.

Since we wanted to get a hike in before playing our card game, we decided to hit up somewhere close. Kreiss Pond is a pond close to Kristin’s house that I’ve posted pics from before. Since this is also where Ty proposed to Kristin & I was gone traveling when he popped the question she wanted to show me where it happened. So we headed out for the trail.

It was a beautiful day for a hike w/ perfect hiking temperature. A little snow even fell on us as we trekked along.

A bald eagle joined us for the ride back to Kristin & Ty’s house.

& FINALLY it was time for some Killer Bunnies.

[having some technical difficulties posting pics on this post]

*This is a note to my family. You guys will LOVE this game. I can’t wait till we all get together next & can have a game night!

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