Clark Fork River Cleanup

Today was the 8th annual Clark Fork River Cleanup here in Missoula. Every year, hundreds of volunteers come together for a day to pick up several miles of trash along the Clark Fork River. Armed with trash bags, bags for recycling, gloves, and a love of the river, enormous amounts of trash are collected from the banks of the river.

This year I decided to participate in helping keep my beloved little town a little cleaner. Bryce & I have been taking walks at night & picking up trash as we go as well as participating in Cache in Trash out (for all you geocaching nerds out there). So Bosco & I met up w/ Bryce under the big white canopy of Caras Park & signed up for a team. Since most teams were already pretty full & there were still more people coming in like we did, I was asked to lead a team along a section of a river. So I snagged a clipboard & a red balloon (tied to team leaders w/ #s so people could identify them) & we set off down the river. It was a fun day followed by a free BBQ for all volunteers.

Anyone wanting to volunteer next year should give me a call so we can join a team together! It was def worth the day!

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