Blue Skies Over Jumbo

The weather man had been telling us all week that it was supposed to be cold & snowy today. While it wasn’t the warmest day of the week it was definately not the miserable day I was expecting.

The skies over Missoula were clear blue & beautiful. From the top of Mount Jumbo you could see for miles. About an hour after we got off our hike the storm clouds finally rolled in.

3 thoughts on “Blue Skies Over Jumbo

  1. Mac says:

    Gorgeous. All we get in OH is cloudy and then cloudy. Then it rains and you can't hike anywhere for 3 or 4 days until it dries out.

  2. AnneCatherine says:

    Holly! These pictures are beautiful and i love the last one of your dog!! Looks like a good time, you're quite the photographer! Can't wait to one day go on a climbing adventure with you and your pups.. and hopefully by then i'll have a dog of my own!

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