Deadman’s Point: Take 2

The blue skies calling, my friend Andrew & I, along w/ our trusty hiking partners Bosco & Mia took off for Deadman’s Point.

After my last attempt & learning that forest service road #365 will be closed until May 1st, we took off a little earlier in the day than I started last time. The trail was also a little less muddy this time around making for a less squishy & more enjoyable walk. It was also nice to have someone to talk to again while hiking since Kristin & I haven’t been able to meet up for our standard Thursday hike a lot lately & Chris works during the week.

The weather was mild & up until the last 1/2 mile I was comfortable in a t-shirt. Around that last 1/2 mile, as we ascented out of the forest and onto bare knoll, the winds picked up pretty heavily. Deadman’s Point offered a stunning view of the Missoula valley & the snowcapped mountains beyond it to the north.

We stayed long enough to get some good pictures & hang out for a short while before the wind blew us back into the woods. The return hike was peaceful. My knee started to really bother me on the return hike so we had to stop pretty often for me to rest it, but otherwise the hike made for a good day!

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