Turning 2 at the Zoo

For my niece, Emily’s, 2nd birthday I took her & her momma to the Columbus Zoo for the day. We had a great day seeing all the animals & taking as many photos as possible till my camera batteries died.

Emily’s least favorite animals were the gorilla’s and the elephants as she kept telling me “I don’t like it!” & almost crying to get away from the glass. I know it wasn’t b/c they were large animals b/c she didn’t have a problem w/ the rhinos. Sometimes I wish I could read what’s in that kids head so I could understand why she acts the way she does.

Emily’s favorite two animals were the flingos (flamingos) & pretty birds (lorikeets).

We spent some time in the lorikeet enclosure actually feeding the birds. Laura & I were “attacks” by birds landing all over us trying to get at the cup of nectar that we had in our hands. The other people in the enclosure kept asking the keepers “how do we get the birds to jump up on us like that?” Meanwhile Laura & I were trying to get all these birds off of us before we were covered in bird poop

Hope you can enjoy the pictures from our day at the zoo!

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