School’s Out for Summer

So my time at National K-9 has come to an end. After 3 days of hands on testing followed by 6 grueling hours of written testing on Friday I finished school. My writing hand was completely sore & cramped by the end of the written testing but I made it through. Now I sit & wait to find out which certifications I will or will not receive. Keep your fingers crossed! I’ll let you know when I do.
Although Skyler & I did not pass the Handicap Assistance Training hands on test, I still took the written test in hopes of passing it and someday acquiring the certifications. Our only flaws in the test were that she could not turn on the lights on command or successfully complete going from a heel on the left side, to the right, then back to the left w/out a little help from me. Here is a video that I took at the beginning stages of our mailbox training to see where both our flaws were in order to successfully complete this task. In order to complete the hands on test Skyler needed to be able to get the mail, pick up keys, coins, & a credit card from the ground & hand them back to me, as well as the heel on the right side & light switch. She really like to pull the string. lol

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