To Kristen: Views from Montana

Hey all! It’s getting so close to Thanksgiving break & I’m very excited! After talking w/ my seester the other night I decided to make a post just to give her a little something to keep her sane at work. So why not have some views of Montana to enjoy back in Ohio. Both of the pics above are some of the MANY BEAUTIFUL views I get to experience on my way to work w/ the IditaDogs.I have only 1 more class to take tomorrow then I am done for Thanksgiving break. This year will be a special year for me because I will be cooking my own and very first Thanksgiving dinner. Thanks to the help of Mrs. Williams as well as my own mother I have a full menu ready to cook on Thursday. After this break I’ve got 2 week of classes, a week of finals, then it’s only a quick flight back to the east coast. Time has been flying by this semester!Above: Driving home from working w/ the IditaDogs on Sunday I got to see my first glimpse of a bald eagle in Montana. My animal experiences have been coming in twos thus far: first I saw elk and buffalo on the same day, next came bighorn sheep & later that night the wild bugle of an elk, and earlier in the morning of the eagle sighting, while at work I finally got to meet the snowshoe hare that lives in the dog kennels under a fallen tree.
Above: It started snowing last night and I awoke to a winter wonderland here in Missoula. Pantzer Hall is where I live & is pictured above. It’s by far the nicest dorm on campus & what I am calling home for the year. Since there was easily 8 inches of snow this morning when the sun rose, students were out in full force throwing snowballs & making snowmen. The one pictured here is probably about 7 or 8 ft tall.

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