New Job

I recently started a 2nd job to not only help financially but to sort of help get me out and doing a little more. I was pointed in the direction of a guy named Kirk who had a listing at the University Center (UC) message board. So after a very informal interview I was told to come back & start working the very next weekend. There are 4 people that have started working for Kirk, Christopher being one of them!, & we will be “picked off” Survivor style. I’ve been told that Chris & I are shoe-ins considering our passion for the animals & our experience working w/ them. I’m sure I will post more photos as winter passes.
I guess I should go a little more into what I am doing. Kirk is a professional sled dog musher. In fact he is training his dogs for the 2008 Iditarod. Check out his musher profile @: . In the beginning I am only helping as a kennel assistant, the usually cleaning, feeding, medicating, playing w/ puppies, ect. However, soon I will start learning how to mush and driving my own team to help train some of the younger dogs to prepare. For now though, I am very content just to be playing w/ dogs again. And besides, how many people can say they know someone who’s run in the Iditarod, let alone say that the helped the man & the dogs get there?!

One of the MANY beautiful views on my drive to work.

In the summer Kirk uses a Quad to train the dogs w/. They are so powerful that he has to tie the quad up to a tree or they will easily run away w/ it.

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