Overnight at the Aquarium

As a kid at heart, when I learned that the local Aquarium does overnight stays, I knew I had to do it. Unfortinately, as they only open up about 30 slots per overnighter, they fill up fast. I missed my chance at the first few, but finally got lucky & in March I drug both my sleeping bag & Brian to the aquarium for an overnight adventure.

The behind the scenes tour into the food preparation room and above the shark tanks was certainly the highlight of the night.

Full lobster shed
Behind (and above) the scenes

Due to the small size of the aquarium here, I’m not sure that I would go again, but if given the chance for the experience somewhere like the Baltimore Aquarium, I’d jump on it in a heartbeat.

I just adore this little guys teeth


Gilman Tunnels

Just a few miles up FS Road 376, in the Jemez Mountains sits two tunnels, carved out of rocks. The original purpose of these tunnels was to assist the former Santa Fe Northwestern Railroad safe passage through the canyon hauling lumber out of the heart of the Jemez.


This also happened to be the scene of Yago’s first off-leash adventure since he was adopted into the Bennett family. I do believe he enjoyed his first day of freedom.


Merry Christmas

Another Christmas has come and gone. I had a little fun with my co-workers this year by surprising one of the Attorneys with a custom creation of themselves AND snuck in to work over Thanksgiving weekend and created a bit of a holiday wonderland for the co-workers in my building.


I hope you & yours had a wonderful 2019 holiday season & a beautiful 2020. See you next year! xoxo,

Date Night(s)

Life has been a little hectic and more than a little stressful lately. Despite all that, we’ve been trying to carve out a little time to forget about the world and just have a good time. Date nights have included a few random road trips, bowling for a cause, professional bull riding, winning big at the casino, a magic show, and even a cat show.

Feel free to share your favorite date night ideas!

Wedding Season

One of my co-workers threw a lavish Old School Hollywood style wedding that Brian & I were lucky enough to be on the guest list. It was fun to get dressed up for the night & celebrate the love of two awesome people.5F873E8A-2D92-44AB-9D82-A89A56BF339C


Itching to get the new Tepui tent out in the real world, Brian, Kratos, & myself headed North to the Bisti Badlands.

Having wanted to explore this area since before we arrived in New Mexico, I was more than a little excited to explore this area. However, as soon as we arrive a dust storm like I’ve never experienced before kicked up and we immediately retreated from the foreign land back to the safety of the Tacoma.

Reminder, buy goggles and pack a buff on every trip in the southwest.

We found solace in an outcropping of rocks and waiting until the storm subsided to set up camp for the night. Thankfully, just as the sun was setting behind the horizon it did just that so the trip wasn’t a total bust since I still got to sleep in my new RTT. Xoxo.