Walking Missoula

Although Rost and I had just returned home from our most recent trip to the East Coast, Brian had a work conference in Missoula this week so Rost and I tagged along.

Over the course of a week Rost and I walked more than 50 miles around the city and ate Big Dipper ice cream nearly every day we were there. In my defense, it was 100 or more every day we were there. We saw lots of friends, got to check out the Missoula library, and finally swam in Becky’s pool! I was also able to squeeze in an abdominal MRI at my old place of work, Advanced Imaging, to follow up on the masses discovered on my liver and pancreas back in July. I am happy to report they appear non-cancerous and only require re-checks every 6 months for the foreseeable future. Huzzah!

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