Art on the Walls

Sometime before the 2022 holiday season kicked off my MIL, Michele took me out for a baby-free girls’ shopping day. This day is apparently a tradition amongst her and her friends. The shopping portion involves a craft fair at the Majestic Valley Arena and the Market Beautiful at the Flathead County Fairgrounds.

Over lunch, I heard about the wonderfully talented daughter-in-law of one of the ladies in our group. Her name was Sarah Bramme and she had a booth with her work at the Christmas market we were heading to after lunch. The moment I saw her work hanging amongst the backdrop of the holiday fair, I knew I had to have a piece of it.

As I stood in front of a colorful painting of a bison named Blaze Your Trail, something about it resonated with me deeply. The composition, the choice of colors, and the subject matter all came together to create a sense of familiarity and connection. It felt as though Sarah had captured an essence that I could relate to, evoking a range of emotions within me. The piece seemed to speak a silent language, inviting me to interpret its meaning based on my own experiences and perceptions. It was a quiet conversation, a moment of quiet contemplation and introspection that left me feeling moved and inspired. I knew I couldn’t afford an original oil painting of hers at that moment but I eagerly took home a beautiful black and white barn wood painting of a mountain goat – the animal I believe to be Rost’s spirit animal.

Weeks later, Sarah reached out to me with an offer on Blaze Your Trail that I could not refuse. This lovely painting now permanently resides in my living room. I do hope you’ll come to see it soon.

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