Blustery Winter Day

In an attempt to create a magical holiday season for Rost, I’ve cursed us.

November first struck midnight and I hung my first Christmas decoration to ring in the festive season. We awoke on November 2nd to a terrible ice storm that took our roughly 1/3 of all the tree coverage on our collective 5 acres. Thankfully not much structural damage was sustained. A broken branch sliced through a window screen on our house but miraculously did not break the window. Another two branches landed on vehicles but both came out relatively unscathed as well.

One thought on “Blustery Winter Day

  1. Donna P Kauper says:

    Oh,my. We lived through an ice storm in 1976 with 2 small children. No power for 8 days so had to live with in- laws. No loss of trees as they were quite short. Sorry to hear of your damage.

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