When Brian and I first married he couldn’t wait to have babies. We’d agreed from the beginning tho that it would either happen for us or it wouldn’t – we had friends who had run the gambit trying to have offspring and decided we didn’t want to see medical intervention ourselves. After nearly 8 years of marriage and no babies in sight, we’d resigned our lives to never having kids and happily settled into the DINK life. Bucket, Kratos, Yago, & Beerus happily resigned themselves to furbaby status in perpetuity.

Albuquerque was still deep in quarantine but I had returned to the office per my position’s requirements. Checking into the office required medical assessments multiple times in a day. Despite not showing any signs of Covid 19, my health began to deteriorate quickly – spells of dizziness, a racing pulse, nausea, and aggressive food aversion to the point of throwing up just walking down a particular isle of the grocery store (sorry Target) began to plague me. Then one Sunday afternoon it all came together and I quick lab draw the next morning confirmed the question marks beginning to form in the back of my mind.

A world turned upside down,
A surprise that leaves us astound.
An unexpected pregnancy,
A journey we did not foresee.

Emotions swirl like a storm,
Uncertainty, fear, and a sense of alarm.
But amidst the chaos and unknown,
A flicker of hope begins to grow.

New paths we now must tread,
A future with a new life ahead.
Despite the challenges we may face,
Love and strength will fill this space.

An unexpected blessing in disguise,
A new adventure for our eyes.
With every kick and flutter we will see,
A new life born from unexpected destiny.

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