Itching to get the new Tepui tent out in the real world, Brian, Kratos, & myself headed North to the Bisti Badlands.

Having wanted to explore this area since before we arrived in New Mexico, I was more than a little excited to explore this area. However, as soon as we arrive a dust storm like I’ve never experienced before kicked up and we immediately retreated from the foreign land back to the safety of the Tacoma.

Reminder, buy goggles and pack a buff on every trip in the southwest.

We found solace in an outcropping of rocks and waiting until the storm subsided to set up camp for the night. Thankfully, just as the sun was setting behind the horizon it did just that so the trip wasn’t a total bust since I still got to sleep in my new RTT. Xoxo.

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  1. Marc Bauman says:

    Your framing & compistion is alawys a thing of beauty! Keep working and suppling the world with your creations.

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