Santa Claus House

Not that I needed an excuse to see my friends Maggie & Chris or their son Ridge, but sending letters from Santa seemed like the perfect excuse for a weekend getaway to Fairbanks.

Thanks to the terrible storm that had rolled in earlier that afternoon, the drive took me a couple hours longer than normal, but I was greeted by a cheerful note and the welcoming sight of a soft bed.
It had been over a year since my last visit to my friends in Fairbanks, so I hadn’t yet met their new little bundle of joy, who is turning one year old later this month. Ridge & I hung out all morning, getting to know each other a bit better before we all ventured out to the North Pole to visit Santa and make a very special delivery.
IMG_0876Santa Clause House - 1
IMG_0883Santa Clause House - 7
A few weeks before my planned trip to my Fairbanks friends I’d posted on Facebook about sending letters from Santa to kids belonging to friends & family.  I’d done this once before & mailed out around 30 letters ‘from Santa’ in North Pole, Alaska. Expecting around the same number, I was a little more than floored when I tallied my final count and saw that there were over 100 requests to be written.
Santa Letters
At least I had good weather for the ride home. Bonus points to Chris for making me the BEST breakfast burrito that I’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting – complete with reindeer sausage Chris harvested last season.


One thought on “Santa Claus House

  1. Donna Kauper says:

    Ridge is a cutie, Holly. Love your Santa delivery idea; how clever. I wish my grandchildren were young to get one.
    Of course I see you have snow. Ours comes and melts. Tonight is really a blowing snowing night. It has been a weird winter.
    Are you deciding on your next move? Are you enjoying a wonderful winter?
    Only went tobogganing once when we had enough snow. Grandson even tried snowboarding and did it successfully, 7 times going down the hill with no falls out of 8 tries. Samantha enjoyed tobogganing, a new way for her. Normally we use tubes or plastic sleds. Snow has not packed well so we have not made a snowman.
    Take care. Donna of Wisconsin

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