Ketchican Bird Fest

Every year hundreds of thousands of birds from all over North & South America migrate to Alaska for various reasons during the late spring and summer months. Their migration is almost like clockwork and every years birders from all over the country gather in Homer, Alaska for the Kachemak Bay Shorebird Festival. Having no previous plans that weekend I took off for Homer as soon as I was out of work on Friday night. In true Homer fashion, it rained most of the weekend, but it was impossible to not have a great time. Birding is not a particular hobby of mine, but I love watching just about any animal interacting in and with their natural habitat.
ShoreBirdFestival-1ShoreBirdFestival-3ShoreBirdFestival-4ShoreBirdFestival-5ShoreBirdFestival-6ShoreBirdFestival-7ShoreBirdFestival-8ShoreBirdFestival-9ShoreBirdFestival-13ShoreBirdFestival-15ShoreBirdFestival-16ShoreBirdFestival-18ShoreBirdFestival-19ShoreBirdFestival-20On my drive home on Sunday afternoon I stopped in the village of Ninilchik as well as Kenai city to visit their Russian Orthodox churches. While I have no religious affiliation with that particular church, I find their architecture stunningly beautiful and always drawn to it. ShoreBirdFestival-21ShoreBirdFestival-22ShoreBirdFestival-23ShoreBirdFestivalDriveHome-1

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