Byron Ice Caves

I have been jonesing to get to the Byron Glacier ice caves at the bottom of the glacier since I learned of their existence. However, a massive boulder field stands between the end of the definitive trail and the caves themselves, which makes for very slow progress during the thawed months. I’ve set out twice for the caves in warmer weather but was turned around each time by inclement weather / lack of preparedness for such conditions. Each time I was traveling solo and after some situational awareness retreated for my vehicle.

Winter conditions create a vastly different playing field. Avalanches in the valley smooth out the boulder field and create the ability to walk on top of and over much of the difficulties presented at other points of the year. This does however present its own set of unique problems like deep pitfalls, slick conditions, and the danger of avalanches themselves crashing down on you from above with no real place to escape to. But what’s the fun in adventures if not for a little bit of a risk factor? Especially when the reward is so great…



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