My librarian from elementary through high school has been really getting into photography the last few years. We’re friends on Facebook and I always enjoy her photographs from all over the east coast.

She recently released a series of photographs of mushrooms that I loved. Knowing that I only had a few days in between Debbie’s visit and my upcoming visit from my Seester, I grabbed my camera and the puppy and headed for the woods nearby to capture some of the diverse fungal life Alaska has to offer.
shroomspiration-11shroomspiration-7shroomspiration-9shroomspiration-1shroomspiration-5It’s days like this that I wish I had the money to invest in more lenses. Who am I kidding? I always wish I had more free money to invest in camera equipment. Either way, it was a fun bonding experience for Kratos and I as we’ve not had much alone time up until this point.

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