Queen of the Boat

My friend Ray has a fishing boat. Well, he calls it a fishing boat I call it a tour boat because I really don’t have that much interest in fishing for hours upon hours on end. I don’t mind throwing a hook in the water a few times, but then I tend to get bored and my camera comes out and it’s all over form there.

I’ve been itching to get out on Ray’s boat for months, but our schedules being what they are, haven’t coincided enough recently to make boat time happen. Knowing that we’d be introducing a new puppy into our family soon and my time would then become non-existent for the rest of the summer, we picked a date and decided rain or shine, hell or high water, we were having a boat day.

Spending most of his summer in Seward on the boat, I drove down Friday night after work to meet up. Exhausted from a hectic week I quickly met up with Ray at the docks to learn where I was to meet him the next morning and set off to find a camp site for the night. Having always wanted to sleep in one of the sites along the road to Exit Glacier, I was elated to find an open spot near midnight on a Friday night. I set out to set up my camp for the night but when I went to turn on the overhead light in the Jeep I accidentally hit the 9-1-1 call button my new vehicle is apparently equipped with. Unable to turn it off, I then had to sit there with the operator trying to convince them that there was no emergency and I was just a blonde with a new toy. After a conversation that lasted several minutes I was finally able to get off the line and finally fall asleep one of my favorite ways – to the sound of a gentle rain.

A light sprinkle persisted the next morning, but had already stopped by the time I reached the docks. The wind and waves however, were a different story. Getting tossed about in the boat like it was nothing, we quickly decided to duck into one of the many coves that line the Resurrection Bay for a little reprieve. Not only calm waters, but beautiful glaciers greeted us as the fog was slowly beginning to lift from the sea. What a powerful sight.
QueenOfTheBoatDay-Edited1QueenOfTheBoatDay- Edited2
We slowly made our way out of the bay, ducking in and out of all the little coves as we went.
QueenOfTheBoatDay - Cove Edited
QueenOfTheBoatDay-EditedQueenOfTheBoatDay- Edited3
There of course was all the typical animal activity of the area as well.
QueenOfTheBoatDay- Cute Little Fluff Nugget Edited
Mid day we stopped for lunch and a bit of fishing, which also entailed watching some sail boats do their thing out in the open waters.
QueenOfTheBoatDay - Fishing Edited
QueenOfTheBoatDay - Sailing Edited
Before calling it a day we were lucky enough to capture several eagles feeding, which is where we parked the boat for the rest of the afternoon.
QueenOfTheBoatDay- Eagle Fishing 1QueenOfTheBoatDay- Eagle Fishing 6
I’m looking forward to my next venture out in these waters.

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