Grand Things

In my defense, I was left unsupervised.
His name is Kratos (Kray-tos) and he will be joining us in Alaska sometime near the end of July.  Kratos’ kind are more commonly referred to as Giant Schnauzers, but Brian prefers the term Grand Schnauzer. Only time will tell.

You’ve got some big shoes to fill little guy. Thankfully, I can already tell you’ve got yourself some big feet.

8 thoughts on “Grand Things

  1. Chuck Groff says:

    He already has a certain look in his eye. Muy Grande trouble! Don’t ever leave her alone! Someone will have to pay for this error!

    • theycallmeholly says:

      I’m really excited to get to know this breed better. They’re not all that common, but everyone that I know that has been around them loves them. We were going to go with another beauceron from Nanrox, but the US has changed their policy on bringing puppies into the US, so for now, we’re going in a different direction.

  2. Crystal says:

    We don’t have a giant but we do have a mini named Rocky and he’s the smartest , most loving, friendly, and protective dog I’ve ever had !!

    XoXo , can’t wait to see new adventures

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