4th of July at Winner Creek Trail

It was an absolute stunning day in Anchorage. What better to do on an absolute stunning day off in Alaska than hike? So we packed up the Subie and headed for a trail head about 90 minutes south of Anchorage.

Winner Creek trail partially follows the original Iditarod trail through a plush rain forest that is North America’s most northern rain forest.  At the end of this easy hike is a hand tram designed to carry goods and people across the Winner Creek Gorge. This was the turn around point for our hike, but not before taking our turn across the gorge on the hand tram.

Yes, even Bosco crossed the gorge in the tram car, although he was probably the least excited about the stunning views and rushing waters below.

After we returned to the Alyeska resort at the trail head of our hike we trekked straight up the ski hill until we found enough snow for a muddy, but otherwise well constructed annual 4th of July snowman.

Bucket wanted to wish you a happy Independence Day! I hope there were better fireworks that those we had in Alaska (aka the land of unending light).

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